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We have always been a family that loves dogs and puppies.  17 years ago Howard, "Papa", retired from the traditional work force and had the dream of filling his life with dogs and puppies!  He wanted to build a home that if he was a dog he would want to live in.  It was important to him that his dogs were happy and healthy.  He wanted them to have room to run and things to play on, he wanted their lives to be enriched, after all these were his pets first and foremost!

Five years later, Terry "Nana", was also able to retire from the typical work force and had the opportunity to stay home and fill her life with the joys of their dogs 24/7.  All of the Grandkids were always excited to go to Nana and Papa's house to play with puppies...little did they know that was their "job" was to help socialize the puppies ensuring that when they join their new families they were used to children as well! 

Five years later our youngest daughter Dustie wanted to share in the joy of bringing puppy love to families.  She joined us in learning how to care for, love, and play with all of the dogs and puppies.  Many people do not have an understanding of the need knowledge that goes into properly raising dogs and puppies.  Dustie worked side by side with us for 3 years learning the ends and outs of what the dogs needed health and love wise to be truely happy and healthy.  After 3 years she was ready to start designing and making her own "dog wonderland" at her home.  We are so proud of our daughter and excited to announce to the world that she has followed in our foot steps and is now bringing her own puppy love to families as well!    

As we approched Retirement age, we always had the dream of being able to travel and spend as much time as possible in our cabin in the Ozark Mountains, however we could never imagine our dogs going to live with anyone else.  In 2020 our oldest Grandson, Nathan (who was currently in college), shared with us his Fur-Ever dream of raising puppies like his Papa does.  Nathan has always grown up with the dogs, and just like his Papa his happy spot was always with the dogs and puppies so he started working with us while he was attending college (he has always "worked" with us growing up, now it was just official lol).  After Papa seeing that Nathan loved his dogs as much as he does we knew that it was time to make all of our dreams a reality!  So Jan. 2021 Nathan has officially taken over and he is the "Dad" to all of our dogs!  It truely is the perfect match, we can now officially retire and Papa can still see his dogs and play with the puppies any time he wants while Nathan fufills his dream of "Raising puppies like his Papa"! 




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