Like my parents (Nana & Papa) I value not only the health of our dogs and puppies, but thier happiness! I definaly had the pleasure of learning from the best!  We beleive that an emotionally and physically enrished puppy makes a better Furry Friend for a family, but in our world it is not just about the puppies, but about our adult dogs too!  Afterall, our dogs are first and formost our pets and our family!
When we were building our doggie wonderland we wanted to do a lot of the same as my parents, but with our own fun "twist" of a new play yard!  Like Papa we love color and feel that it just makes everything so much more fun!  Our dogs are not in cages, they have the luxury living of having their own yards to run and play in!  Plus we have a very large turn out yard to get even more playtime!
I have 3 girls, (Melissa, Natalie, and Emma), and they LOVE doing their job playing with and socializing the dogs and the puppies!  After all who does not LOVE to play with puppies all day!

Below are some pictures of our place, dogs, and of course the girls!
*You can click on the pictures to enlarge them* 

DustiesPlace/WinstonandEmma2.JPG DustiesPlace/WinstonandEmma.JPG DustiesPlace/Holly.JPG

More pictures coming soon!

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I am State and USDA licence and are proud to "brag" that we have never had a non-compliance write up!

We also take all of the steps possible to ensure the long term health of our puppies by having our adults certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals for their patellas (knees) and cardiac (heart).  We also have their certifications done on their eyes when we can but we do not have an Ophthalmologist in our area so we can only do 5 adults per year when AKC has a OFA health clinic in our area and brings a Opthalmologist to our area for the day. 
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