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Puppy Protection Plans Available

**This is an added service that we offer to our puppy's new family, it is not required.**

We are please to say that we are partnered with Pet Key so we are able to offer our puppies new families the Pet Key program for only $60 instead of the $268.98 it would cost when purchased separately.                        

Please let us know when purchasing your puppy that you would like for them to be protected and enrolled in the Pet Key Program so that we can take care of all the necessary enrollment forms prior to your puppy joining your family.  If you have already purchased a puppy from us and want to now purchase the Pet Key Program please click the following link to PayPal.

$60.00 Enrollment for Pet Key Package






This package allows you to permenanly register your new Furry Friend's microchip plus a collection of puppy/dog training videos and 24/7 Call Center of trainers to answer any questions you may have!

What will you receive?


1. You will receive a confirmation email and phone call from petkey containing the information necessary to access your pet's account online. Please login and update your puppy's name and photo. Here you will also have unlimited access to the behavior video library.

2. A Welcome Home Puppy Kit will arrive to your house explaining your pet's petkey services and will include a training DVD and Your Lifetime Recovery Certificate. You can use this kit to keep all of your pet's important information secure and organized.

3. You are welcome to contact a DOGstar behaviorist for additional support as often as you would like by calling toll free 1-866-9petkey.

4. Should your pet ever go missing, you can report your pet missing via your secure online account or you can contact the petkey emergency support team 24/7 at 866-9petkey. They will collect the details on where your pet was last seen and an alert will be issued to pet professionals in the surrounding area. Your pet's microchip will also be flagged as missing.


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